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    Have you been in your home for longer than 10 years?
    You may want to have your roof inspected for damages,
    and at least start thinking about having your roof replaced.
    Your home is a valuable asset, and you don't want more damage to be caused to your house because of a leaking roof.
    Roof damage that goes unchecked can lead to further damage to the frame of your house.
    What might have been an easy fix now becomes a much more expensive fix.
    Let our roofing contractors do a certified inspection on your roof today!

    Not sure if you need a repair or a full replacement?
    Call DMD Roofing and Siding and set up an inspection!
    Who knows? We might even be able to cover a roof replacement using your homeowner's insurance!

    Call DMD Roofing and Siding of Grove City TODAY!

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    Repair or Replace My Grove City Roof?

    How do I know if I just need a repair or if I need a replacement?
    You don't actually know until a certified roofing contractor gets on your roof and takes a look.

    Storm Damage - if you've had a storm come through recently, that can do Major Damage.
    Damages can include: Damaged flashing, Curling, Blistering, Rotting, Buckling, Algae Growth, Missing Granules -->
    Water Damage. Has a storm recently come through and knocked out a fence?
    All of these damages to your shingles or roofing material then leads to Water Damage.
    The danger of water damage is that it's happening below the surface.
    The only way to truly see what's going on with your roof is to have a Certified Roofing Professional do an Inspection.
    If the damage was caused by a Storm, it's possible to get this covered under your homeowner's insurance.

    If it turns out that you just need a section of your roof replaced, we will of course provide tarps to keep your house dry and safe while under construction.
    DMD Roofing and Siding provides all the necessary items you need while your roof is under construction.
    People have to worry about many things, including roofing, siding, concrete, fencing, and other things.
    We would love to be the roofing and siding experts you trust.

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