• Metal Roofer Grove City, Ohio

    Metal Roofing Grove City Ohio

    Metal Roofing in Grove City, Hilliard, and Dublin

    Commercial Property managers and Homeowners alike are turning more and more to metal roofs.
    Why? Because they recognize the value that metal roofs bring!
    When you realize that for not that much more than a traditional shingle roof (comparatively),
    you can have a roof that won't need to be replaced in your lifetime,
    that has people like you giving metal roofing consideration.

    Would you like to buy a roof that not only lasts a long time,
    but also makes you stand out (in a good way) from the rest of your neighbors?
    Because let's be honest: metal roofs POP!
    If you are a business owner or manager, you know that metal roofing catches people's attention,
    ​which is exactly what you want for company branding!
    "We are the building with the RED (insert color of your choice) METAL ROOF on Columbus Street."
    "Oh yeah, I've seen that building..."

    DMD Roofing and Siding would love to be your trusted Roofing Company.
    With over a decade of experience, a dedicated customer service and sales team, and multiple roofing crews,
    We are ready to handle your next roofing project!
    Give us a Call TODAY.

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  • Metal Roofer Grove City Ohio

    Metal Roof Options in Grove City

    Are you wondering what kind of variety is available for metal roofs? There are different material options, including galvanized steel (which is steel that has been covered in a layer of zinc), copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and tin.
    Galvanized steel is by far the most common material when it comes to metal roofs.
    Galvanized steel protects against rust, as well as acid (such as acid rain), and protects against corrosion. Basically, the layer of coating acts as an extra barrier to protect the metal underneath.

    Also, if you are looking for a roof that can be installed quickly, metal roofs are a good option. The fact that metal roofs are lightweight makes the installation process faster.
    Our company offers a variety of colors, so we can work with the branding of your company or just the personal preference for your residential home.

  • Metal Roof Installer Dublin Ohio

    Metal Roof Installation and Repair

    Do you already have a metal roof showing signs of leaks or rust? The sooner you can call DMD as a Metal Roof Installer, the better. You will want to prevent further damage. It's possible your current roof wasn't installed properly, or a material of inferior quality was used. You need to have a layer of coating applied to refresh and lengthen the life of your roof. We are licensed and certified for metal roofing maintenance. Technology has advanced in recent years. The coating we apply will prevent damage from UV rays, leaking, and rusting. The coating will also provide a watertight seal for your metal roof. Let the pros at DMD Roofing and Siding of Grove City get you in great shape!